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Children of the Grid

Cypher System

Science fantasy

The campaign takes place in the world of Disney’s TRON universe, after the events of TRON Legacy. Players, or Users, will portray themselves hired as an ENCOM team recruited by Roy “Ram” Kleinberg to enter the Grid under the guise as Programs to seek out and rescue any ISO remnants still in hiding after the Purge. It will not be that easy, as those still loyal to Clu are gathering strength to “light the town orange” again.

Users who wish to play can build from all canon sources: Tron, Tron Uprising, Tron Evolution, Tron Legacy, and Tron RUN/r.

Estimated Launch
This is among a handful of possible campaigns I’m letting letting simmer until after completion of my current campaign, Pathfinder Resplendence.

This campaign site is fan-produced and has no connection to the Walt Disney company or it’s subsidiaries. We enjoy the world Disney created and simply want to live in it!

Home Page

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